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Diamond Earrings - Canada

If you are looking for great designs wholesale diamond stud or blue sapphire earrings, you have come to the right place. We are one of the oldest diamond and gold jewellery manufacturers in Canada and we are proud to produce one of the best diamond stud earrings available. Our diamond stud earrings come in a variety of designs and shapes. These include diamond stud earrings white golddiamond stud process cut earrings, and many more. Look for our diamond stud earrings on sale to see our special prices.

We specialize in diamond stud earrings 1carat that puts a sparkle to your entire outfit. Our diamonds also come in various styles, shapes and colors, from classic styles to a variety of chocolate colors and black diamonds, in combination with white gold, 22k gold, platinum and solitaire stud and hoop diamond earrings to name a few. If you like diamond earrings then you will surely love our collection of sophisticated designs that make any woman look gorgeous.

Our princess cut 1 carat diamond stud earrings add more personality and elegance to your appearance. A diamond stud earring looks great with a combination of different colored diamonds or clusters of colorless white diamonds, accompanied by other gemstones. Of course, a unique design of diamond stud earrings with a large diamond in the center surrounded by many small stones or rose gold, flower petals are also a great choice. Want to get a stunning look this summer? Dress with any combination from our elegant collection of diamonds from Lily Jewellery.

1 carat hoop diamond earrings also look elegant on any woman. Hoops can be designed with any variation of single line set diamonds. They complement any face or dress, whether worn with jeans, formal gowns, or evening dresses, they make you look charming. You could also mix earrings with several colors or colorless diamonds and choose small hoops. Look for several designs and combinations of colors in our catalog or website. Discover the many ways you can look beautiful with our diamond stud earrings.

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